Used Cloth Diapers: Tips For Buying and Selling

Is it ok to buy used cloth diapers? Yes, of course. With proper cleaning and sanitizing used cloth diapers can be quite a steal. Buying used is a great way to lower up front costs. We are not aware of anyone that would buy a used disposable diaper. Disposables have no value after they are used. But cloth is a different story. Cloth nappies do have value after they are used and clean.

Used Cloth Diaper Prices

In general you can expect to save up to 50% by buying used over new. The discounts are much steeper if the diapers need a little attention. But they are often in great shape. In some cases, the diapers are new.

When selling used diapers expect to receive anywhere from $2-$15 per diaper. The amount will depend on the condition, brand and style of diaper.

Buying or Selling in Bulk

You can also buy in bulk because usually if a parent is selling one, they are selling all or most of their stash. Some useful phrases to search for are, used cloth diaper bundles or used cloth diaper lot. Or just ask the seller if they have more they want to sell. The best deals are usually the ones that sellers haven’t gotten around to posting yet. Plus you save their time by them not needing to photograph and post each diaper. This may entice them to sell their used diapers at a lower price.

Typically when parents are finished using these diapers and just want them out of their homes.

Are Buying Used Cloth Diapers Safe

Yes of course. If you understand how to wash and strip cloth diapers then they are fine. The process for sanitizing used cloth diapers is no different whether they’ve been used by your child or someone else. Either way they need to be cleaned. See How to Clean Cloth Diapers: A Comprehensive Guide.

Buy or Sell Used Cloth Diapers Locally

There are many places you can search local to where you are. We recommend starting with the following to find cloth nappies locally:

  • Facebook Marketplace: You can score big lots for little monies. This is a great option as many sellers offer shipping if they’re not nearby.
  • Facebook Groups: specifically for cloth diapers or local Buy Sell Trade (BST) groups.
  • Second Hand Stores: you will have the best luck at children specific stores, but can score at Goodwill or Savers from time to time.
  • To search locally google: “Used cloth diapers near me”- this may lead you to social medias, but the time you take to search out these deals will result in huge savings.

Buy or Sell Used Cloth Diapers Online

The selection on these sites varies, and is constantly changing based on people buying and selling. If you don’t see what you’re looking for right away, check back regularly.

Buy and Sell Used Diaper Accessories

It isn’t just the diapers that can be bought or sold used. Nearly all of the accessories have resale value. You can sell used wet bags, used diaper pails, and so forth. Buying and selling used is a great way to save money, recoup money, and also decrease waste in this world.

As with the diapers themselves you can expect to pay as much as 50% less than the retail price for these accessories if you have a little patience to search and aren’t in a ‘I need it right now’ rush.

You Can Donate Used Cloth Diapers

If you would rather not sell your used diapers do not throw them away. There are places to donate used diapers. See Donate Cloth Diapers: Pay It Forward for some ideas on cloth diaper donation.

Bottom Line

Buying used is a great way to save money. It’s easy enough to clean and sanitize the diapers. You can sell your cloth diapers and accessories when your family is finished with them. Everyone wins.

Happy Fluffing!

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