Donate Cloth Diapers: Pay It Forward

We still use cloth diapers in our household. There will come a time though when our twins grow out of them. What to do with the used cloth diapers? You likely know that you can sell them, but did you know you can donate cloth diapers?

It’s a way to pay it forward.

We all know that the start up costs for acquiring cloth diapers is more expensive then disposable diapers. Make it easier for others by donating yours.

Disposable Diaper Shortage

There is a disposable diaper shortage, as the supply chain has been impacted by the pandemic. Cloth Diapers are not impacted by this shortage. This disposable diaper shortage is extra challenging for lower income households who struggle to be able to afford the start up costs of cloth diapers.

Anytime is a good time to help people who need help. That’s even more true when basic needs like diapers become more expensive, like they are now.

Donate cloth diapers to organizations

Here are a few cloth diaper donation services. The descriptions in italics are in general directly from their sites. Comments from us at are in bold.

  • Cotton Baby’s Share the Love: To donate new or used cloth diapers, send an email and mention your zip code or city and state where you live. They try to find a host site within a reasonable distance. 
  • Grovia Gives: is a US-based cloth diaper lending program intended to help families with temporary or long term financial struggles diaper their babies. Note this is not to donate, this is to receive. Plus it is borrowing the cloth diapers. It is not owning them.
  • Jake’s Network of Soap: Jake’s Network of Hope is a nonprofit focused on solving core issues related to poverty. We work to alleviate financial burdens while providing dignity to individuals on the path to self sufficiency.
  • National Diaper Bank Network: Many of our member diaper banks offer cloth diaper programs. These programs provide cloth diapers and education to interested families who qualify to help alleviate the cost burden and also the stress associated with worry over affording diapers. Interesting that their founding sponsor is Huggies and they allow cloth diapers.
  • The Cloth Option: We are a collective of cloth diaper advocates working together to end diaper need.  We love their mission statement. You can donate monetarily or you can donate your used cloth diapers. You can also apply for assistance if needed.

Donate cloth diapers to a local cloth diaper charities

Many large cities have places where you can donate cloth diapers.

Donate to friends or virtual friends

Maybe you have a friend or family member who is expecting a child, or is in need of diapers in general. Gift them a few, or your entire stash. If they are unfamiliar with cloth diapers, we are here to help. Send them our way.

You may also be in various groups online. Pay it forward, and offer some parents your cloth diaper stash. Or if you are in need ask others for help.

Bottom line to cloth diaper donations

Whether you are looking to donate your used cloth diapers, or are need cloth diapers, consider cloth diaper donation options.

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