Diaper Shortage Increasing Disposable Diaper Prices

There is a disposable diaper shortage occurring as a result of the global pandemic. According to a 2020 report from the National Diaper Bank Network an estimated that 1 in 3 families is experiencing a diaper shortage. Those are numbers from 2020. These number of families impacted has only gotten worse in 2021 as supply chains continue to be disrupted by COVID-19.

We all remember when the pandemic started there was a run on paper products. Stores shelves were emptying as people started hoarding toilet paper, paper towels, etc. It created challenges for paper product manufactures. I mean it created challenges for all of us, but this post is about diapers.

The crunch is causing disposable diaper prices to increase. In the last 18 months, prices have increased over 10%. Disposable diapers were expensive before the diaper inflation costing families on average $75 a month according to Investopedia’s Budgeting for Babies.

Invest in Cloth Diapers

Now is a good time to consider investing in cloth diapers instead of spending on disposable diapers. Cloth diapers cost less than disposable diapers.

The savings are more dramatic if you are comfortable buying used cloth diapers. Whether or not you are comfortable buying used cloth diapers, you can sell your cloth diapers when your child grows out of them.

Bottom line: The Disposable Diaper Shortage

Disposable diapers are expensive. They are getting more expensive. Consider cloth diapers. We are creating a post with ClothDiaperBasics.com recommendations for you of preferred cloth diapers.

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