Cloth Diaper Wet Bag Complete Overview

What is a cloth diaper wet bag? Cloth diaper wet bags are basically a little pouch, that you throw dirty cloth diapers in while you’re on the go. It just zips up with the diaper(s) in it. These go in the laundry easy. They are lined with material that keeps the stink inside and cleans easily.

The number of wet bags you’ll need will depend on how many days you plan to go between washes. If you plan to wash every 2 days, plan on a minimum of 3 wet dry bags. 

Wet bags are smaller than cloth diaper hanging wet bags, and perfect to keep in the car or diaper bag to ensure you always have one handy.

How To Use A Wet Bag For Cloth Diapers

Using a wet bag for your cloth diapers is as simple as tossing dirty disposables into the trash. After you change your babies diaper roll up the soiled diaper and drop it in the bag, zip and you’re done.

If you use liners with your cloth diapers and you’re in a place where you can toss the soiled liner into the trash. It’s not always possible to throw away the liners. If that’s the case, you can roll everything up, drop it in the bag and take care of it when you get home.

So now you’re home, you’re unpacking the diaper bag, and that includes the wet bags. You will want to empty any soiled diapers into where ever you usually throw poop (trash, tie bag, or toilet,) drop your dirty diapers and wet bag into your diaper pail until it’s laundry day.

Most diaper bags have a loop on the outside of the bag that is perfect for hooking your wet bag to. Hanging the wet bag on the outside of the diaper bag keeps any smells away from clean and dry clothes, snack or drinks for your littles because the thought of pee or poop that close, even though it’s contained is stomach wrenching.

Cloth Diaper Wet Bag Material

Wet bags are made out of a material called Polyurethane Laminate. This is often referred to as PUL. This is the the same material between the outside of your cloth diapers and its absorbent fabrics.

Just like with your diapers, you will want to avoid using fabric softener. Also avoid bleach and any chemicals that are marketed to remove stains. These laundry additives can damage the PUL material and cause a break down loosing its effectiveness.

Wet Bag Recommendations

If you’re looking to keep your wet dry bags gender neutral, this set of 3 is perfect. Allowing you to go 2 days between washes so you always have a clean bag to take with you.

Carrying around dirty diapers or soiled clothes doesn’t get any cuter than these two bags. These are also perfect for holding wet swim suits after a day at the pool.

If you’re in the market for something more versatile this 3 pack of wet dry bags in varying sizes can handle all of your needs on the go.

Some others that we had to add because the patterns are so cute:

Wet Bag vs Pail

These two actually compliment each other. The wet bag is great for portability, whereas the pail is used to store dirty diapers until you are ready for laundry. For more on pails see our Cloth Diaper Pail Diaper Buying Guide For Dirty Diapers.

Having a pail to hold your dirty diapers isn’t necessary. The pail is more ideal if you want to contain and neutralize the odor from dirty diapers. Below we discuss hanging wet bags that have zippers that hold several days of diapers between your washes.

Large Wet Bag

This type of wet bag is ideal if your little will be at daycare or school for a full workday, or if you have multiple kids and you plan to be out of the house for a few diaper changes. Large wet bags are a bit larger than traditional wet bags that come in bundles with your cloth diapers, or in two packs, like we have linked above.

Large cloth diaper wet bags are also great if you have twins, like we do.

This size wet bag is not only perfect for sending kids to daycare, but is also perfect for swim supplies. If you spend your summer days at the pool, or have multiple kids on swim teams, this bag will transport all of the wet suits and towels home without soaking a tote bag or your car.

Diaper Hanging Wet Bag

This type of wet bag hangs from hooks typically at the top of doors, and are used to hold soiled diapers until it’s laundry day. If you’re storing dirty diapers only in a hanging wet bag you will want something with a zipper to help keep your home from smelling like dirty diapers.

Dirty Cloth Diaper Storage Pro-tip

We’ve all been there, you’re in a pinch and ran out of the house and forgot your wet dry bags. In these cases grab a plastic grocery type bag if you can to hold the diapers while you’re out and about. If you can, avoid keeping dirty diapers in this type of bag for more than a few hours.

Wet bags designed to hold wet things (not just diapers) while out and about, don’t forget to check all of the diapers when you get home. Sometimes, you forget to shake the poop off, or you roll a wipe up in the diaper. Taking care of both of those in the trash before your wash routine will save you some time and energy.

DIY Diaper Wet Bag

If you would rather make your own wet bags, please see How to Make a Zippered Wet Bag Tutorial or Make a Simple Wet Bag (Under 20 Minutes).

Wet Bag Smell

The best thing about wet bags is they work. They keep the smell and gross stuff in the bag. Sometimes they stink when empty. The best way to avoid this is to not store dirty diapers in the bag for more than a few days. They are easy enough to clean. Just turn them inside out and throw them in the laundry. Be sure to let them dry out too.

Used Wet Bag

Just like most cloth diaper accessories, you can buy used wet bags to save significantly. Likewise when your child grows out of their diapers you can sell your used diaper wet bags. Hold on to 1 or 2 of those wet bags to keep while your littles are still toilet training. Accidents happen but having these bags nearby is perfect to hold wet pants and underwear until you get home.

Wet Bags Other Uses

Wet bags are multi purpose and can be used outside of holding dirty cloth diapers. These bags are great to store wet swim suits after swim team, or swim lessons. They’re also great to have around during potty training days. If your little has an accident wet dry bags are perfect to drop soiled clothes in.


Cloth diaper wet bags are a must have in your diaper bag or car. When your child dirties their diaper, you just throw it in the bag until it’s time to do the laundry.

Happy Fluffing!

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