Cloth Diaper Terms and Phrases: Explained Simply

The world of cloth diapers has it’s own vocabulary. These are some of the most common cloth diaper terms. We’ve also added links for the terms that we have created a guide for you.

Common Cloth Diaper Terms and Phrases

  • All in one diaper: These diapers have all parts attached. No stuffing (inserts) no folding (pre-folds.) Just lay one piece of cloth over the other and you are finished.
  • Diaper Covers: Waterproof material used to cover non waterproof diapers such as flats, pre-folds, fitted diapers.
  • Fitted Diaper: cloth diapers that look similar to disposables. Comprised of several layers of absorbent material such as cotton, bamboo or hemp.
  • Flat: Large squares of single layer fabric which can be folded multiple different ways to get a proper fit for the baby
  • Fluff: This is just a fun term in the world of cloth diapering. It likely because babies bums are so fluffy when they’re wearing cloth diapers. If you’re in any cloth diaper specific internet groups, you may hear the term “Fluff butt” or “Fluff mail” regularly.
  • Insert: This is a piece of fabric that you stuff into the opening of a pocket diaper. The insert is the fabric that absorbs your little ones pee.
  • Liners: Liners are an accessory for your diapers. You lay liners on top of the diaper and it will hold most of your babes poop, making diapers easier to clean. Diaper liners also help to avoid stains on your diapers.
  • Nappy: This is a term used in many European countries and Commonwealth areas and means is a diaper.
  • Pail: You’re going to want one of these. You will keep all the dirty diapers in a pail until it’s wash day.
  • Pocket Diaper: This type of diaper has a water proof outer lining with a pocket opening where you place fabric (called inserts) in, in order to absorb pee. One benefit of this diaper is you ability to adjust for different absorbency levels.
  • Sprayer (or toilet sprayer): Think of this like the sprayer on your kitchen sink, only hooked to your toilet. You will use this to spray any poop from diapers into the toilet before storing the dirty diaper in the pail before your wash routine.
  • Stripping: Settle down, you can keep your clothes on, that’s not what we’re talking about here. Stripping your diapers is a process to remove any build up detergent or minerals if you have hard water. The process of stripping your diapers can resolve any leak issues you may see. See How to Strip Cloth Diapers
  • Sunning: It’s a tan for your diapers. Kidding, kind of. For hard to remove stains, you can lay your clean, wet diapers in direct sunlight for a few hours to remove stains. The chemical bond of the stain breaks down under the sun, and is lifted.
  • Wet Dry bag: Wet dry bags are multipurpose use, and aren’t limited to cloth diapering. In the realm of diapers, you want to have a wet dry bag with you anytime you leave the house. You will use this bag to hold your little ones dirty diapers (or nappies if you prefer) until you’re home to toss them into the pail.

As we come across more cloth diaper terms, we will add them.

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