Cloth Diaper Poop: Top Accessories

How to deal with poop when cloth diapering is something everyone wants to know. Number 2 seems to be everyone’s Number 1 concern. It keeps some people from getting started altogether. Don’t be scared of the poop. There are accessories that make it a non issue. In this post we will walk you through Cloth Diaper Basics must have accessories for dealing with poop.

Cloth Diaper Sprayer attachments for toilets

Many people like to use a sprayer attachment that hooks to your toilet. It’s extremely similar to the sprayer you have next to your kitchen faucet. We here at ClothDiaperBasics found it to be more trouble than it’s worth. It splashes gross stuff around. What’s worse is that your kids are curious. They also know how fun it is to spray water around. They will wonder off once mobile and spray water everywhere. Also, if you have multiple bathrooms do you really want to install multiple sprayers? If not do you really want to have to go to the one bathroom that has a sprayer whenever there is a poopy situation. Bottom-line. Know these exist. Buy one through the link if you want to support the site, but know we aren’t fans of them.

Sprayer Shields

These are just silly. You already read our thoughts on cloth diaper sprayers, but because they splash so much you can buy cloth diaper sprayer shields. We aren’t fans of cloth diaper sprayers, so we aren’t excited about cloth diaper sprayer shields. But many cloth diaper parents use them, so here are a few to choose from.

Cloth Diaper Liners are a must buy

Liners are the very best thing you can buy for cloth diapers. They are great. For more details see our comprehensive Cloth Diaper Liner Guide.

A disposable liner is thin like fabric softener. Your lovely baby poops in it. When you change the diaper you just drop the disposable liner in the trash can (unless it’s reusable). Or you can use reusable cloth diaper liners. These will save money over time and create less trash. But you still need to rinse the poop off the reusable liner.

After you remove the liner you throw the cloth diaper in your diaper pale.

Liners make the cloth diapers much easier. Plus they buy you another day or two of doing laundry because the poop is in the trash can and not in the diaper. Buy liners.

Top disposable cloth diaper liners

Because of ease of use, and our aversion to poop, we recommend disposable diaper liners over reusable.

Reusable cloth diaper liners

If you’d rather keep more trash out of landfills, then another option is a reusable liner for your cloth diapers. These also wick moisture away from your baby’s bum.

Accessories for poop pro-tip

You can buy all of these accessories used (or new) and sell them when you are finished.

Don’t forget to create your baby registry and add these to them. Shop Amazon – Create an Amazon Baby Registry

Bottom line for cloth diaper accessories for dealing with poop

Buy liners. Do not buyer a sprayer.

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