Cloth Diaper No Washing Machine or Dryer

A very legitimate reason to avoid cloth diapers is you do not have a washing machine or dryer. Many people live in apartment complexes and simply do not have a washer and dryer. Cloth diapers with out a washing machine or dryer is very inconvenient. But there are alternatives to full size washing machines and dryers. Cloth Diaper no washing machine nor dryer? No problem.

For example portable washing machines and dryers are perfect if you are short on space. These are built for apartments, boats, RVs, dorms, and anywhere else tight on space.

Portable Washing Machines

These machines are a washer and a spinner in one. The spinner feature helps to pull most water from the clothes, similar to a tradition washing machine. The more premium ones have higher wash power, and some contains a filter to remove lint and debris. Also pay attention to whether or not they have drainage hoses and pumps.

These combo models are great, and our recommendation given the cost savings. Depending on features they do require more than a traditional washing machine and dryer. You do one load in the washing machine with detergent. Then you spin dry it. Then you do another wash cycle without soap. Finally spin dry again. If they are still damp, then hang dry. It’s more work, but very cost and space efficient.

Fun fact: We used a portable washing machine with a spin dryer and then hang dried. We didn’t do this for space, since we have a full size washing machine and dryer. We did it because we did not want to mix poopy diapers with our normal laundry. See Cloth Diapers With Your Other Laundry Is Not Necessary.

Cloth Diaper Washing Machine: Compact

You don’t need a full size washing machine. Instead consider buying a small apartment sized spin washing machine.

Hang Dry Your Cloth Diapers

There are many hang dryers to choose from. Keep it simple with these. You don’t need anything fancy. We prefer the plastic Whitmor Clip and Drip Hanger pictured below. We used it for years. When you are clipping up so many hanging diapers and inserts it’s nice to have the larger clips. It lets you open them up quicker. We also included a metal option if that is your preference.

Compact Dryers

If space is a concern and you do not want to hang dry your cloth diapers, then consider a compact dryer. They are quite a bit more expensive then hang drying, but much more convenient.

Cloth Diaper Hack: Sell the cloth diaper washing machine and dryer

You can easily sell the portable cloth diaper washing machine and dryer when you are finished with them. They hold decent value. This is especially true with RV’s becoming so popular.

Cloth Diapers Services

If you do not have laundry in your own home or apartment consider trying a local cloth diaper service.


This is obviously very inconvenient. It also dramatically eats away at the cost savings of choosing cloth diapers. If you decide to do cloth diapers and choose to go to laundromats, we recommend buying more diapers since you are not likely to go to the laundromat as frequently as you would if you had a washing machine at home.

Bottom line: Cloth Diaper No Washing Machine or Dryer

Since cloth diapers save so much money, it’s hard for us to understand why more people don’t use them. Most people just aren’t familiar enough with cloth diapers to realize they are kind of cool Cloth Diapers Save Money, aren’t any more gross than disposable diapers, and are kind of stylish. Plus the laundry routines aren’t that bad. That’s what we’re here for. To try to educate anyone who is on the fence about cloth diapers, or to understand some hacks that make using them easy.

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