Cloth Diaper Basics: About Us

Hi! So glad you found us. It’s our hope that you find answers to all of the cloth diaper questions you have. Cloth diapers aren’t bad. They’re actually kind of easy. We are here to help you become comfortable with cloth diaper life. After all you are here because you are thinking about cloth diapers, or trying to find a way to make them easier.

About Us: Who We Are

We are Greg and Erin! We are loving parents of our 3 kids: Jonathan and identical twin daughters Elizabeth and Allison. Greg and I have used cloth diapers on all of our kids. There were many periods of trial and error to stop leaks, to get the right fit, and to find the way that worked for us.

Meet our Family
2020 Family Photo Photo by: Julia Pinski

Greg is in Finance. I am a stay at home mom. We both like to figure out problems, and we both like to figure out better ways. We also like to share. Our goal is to share with you what we’ve learned.

Before we ever started trying to have kids, Greg said he wanted to use cloth diapers. I rolled my eyes, hard. Part of me knew he was serious. I also thought once he knew how much work would be involved he would change his mind. He never change his mind, but I did. I quickly became comfortable with cloth diapers

My vision of cloth diapers was very old school- pre-folds, pins, and covers. I was so glad to learn about all of the advancements had been made, and how simple cloth diapers seemed.

Why We Created Cloth Diaper Basics

There are many pages online to help with cloth diapers. So why did we create one? Our perspective is different than other sites.

  • Volume: We have twins, so we have the unique perspective of having 3 kids in cloth diapers at the same time. We’ve simply done more at the same time than most others.
  • A dad’s perspective. It was Greg that suggested we use cloth diapers. He didn’t just suggest it, he embraced it. He changes diapers frequently. Greg does the cloth diaper laundry often. He even developed a few hacks to make it easier. Greg will share those with you.
  • Financial Expertise: Greg has more than 20 years in the financial industry. During his career he has built teams and tools that build complex financial models and streamline processes. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst. Greg actually built models and calculators on cloth diapers to help us decide if we wanted to do them. He is looking for ways to share those on here.
  • Budget Conscious: We do not like spending money on anything other than what makes us happy. That brings a unique perspective. We know that cloth diapers save money. We also know that sometimes disposables make more sense. Greg and I watch our spending closely, but we spend where we feel improves our lives. We want to share our experiences on when, where, and how to save money with cloth diapers….and when to spend a little more to make your life easier.
  • Easy: We like easy. We have discovered different ways to make cloth diapering easier. Cloth Diaper Basics will try to make cloth diapers as easy for you as possible. Having 3 kids in cloth diapers at a time forces you to find efficiencies and better ways!
  • Clean: We don’t like poop, pee, or messes. We don’t like the diapers smelling before or after we do laundry. We’ve found what works and what doesn’t work. We want to share those with you. There is no reason for us to keep these hacks to ourselves.

We have changed a lot of diapers. We have seen leaks, we have tried many different fits, and types of diapers. Laundry is a part of our life. Anytime we ran into another issue, we researched how to resolve to ensure we would continue on our cloth journey.

Our Goals

It is our goal that Cloth Diaper Basics will capture what we have learned and simplify it for you so you don’t spend as much time as we have learning. We want to answer for you the same questions our friends and family have asked us over the years.

We hope that you enjoy what you read, learn, and you enjoy the cloth diaper experience. Know that we are here to help!

Happy Fluffing

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