Cloth Diaper Absorbency Hacks, Tips, and Tricks

Cloth diapers lose absorbency. If you’re experiencing leaks, it doesn’t necessarily mean your diapers are bad. Part of your wash and drying routine could be causing leaks and stinks. There are tricks and hacks to bring cloth diaper absorbency powers back. But first we need to troubleshoot to get to the root of the problem….

Cloth Diapers With Other Laundry Is Not Necessary

Have you thought to yourself, can I wash cloth diapers with my other laundry? Putting cloth diapers with poop in them in the washing machine sounds scary, gross, and disgusting. The idea of mixing dirty cloth diapers in the washing machine with the rest of the family’s laundry is even more disgusting. There’s good news,…

Cloth Diaper Stain Removal Tip: Use The Sun For Free!

How do you remove a cloth diaper poop stain? A cloth diaper will stain. You’ve run your diapers through several wash cycles and that shit just won’t come out (pun intended!) Now what? Don’t throw the diaper away. There’s an easy way to remove the stains without chemicals, effort, or money. Use the sun to…


How To Clean Cloth Diapers: A Comprehensive Guide

If you are considering cloth diapers, but the thought of how to keep them clean overwhelms you, don’t let it. The process to clean dirty diapers, and keep them absorbent is so simple it may actually surprise you. Setting up a wash routine is going to save you a lot of time, and energy. You…