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Parents always want what’s best for their kids. This is doubly so during infancy, when children are vulnerable and highly sensitive. From food to diapers, parents have to be careful about what comes into contact with their babies. The wrong ingredient can lead to unwanted results, allergic reactions, or worse, infections.

One major issue most parents have is picking the best diaper cream for cloth diapers. Diaper rash can be an unpleasant experience for both babies and parents. Diaper creams help to prevent and treat such issues. The cream can have a dual effect of simultaneously moisturizing and protecting the baby’s skin.

However, you need to take extra precautions when choosing a diaper cream. Why? Some diaper creams do more harm than good when they come in contact with cloth diapers.

Whether you’re trying to prevent or treat a diaper rash, you need a safe cream that won’t damage your cloth diaper, cause build-up, or affect your baby. 

Cloth diapers are more selective than regular diapers when it comes to using diaper cream. Therefore, picking out a suitable cream is not always easy. 

Fortunately, you need not worry as we’ve done all the hard work for you to remove any confusion. We have done our research, carried out surveys with parents, and compiled a list of the best diaper cream for cloth diapers.

We list the best creams on the market, their pros and cons, a buying guide, and answers to questions from parents like yourself. We’ve done our best to ensure nothing is left unchecked.

The 6 Best Diaper Creams for Cloth Diaper Brands

  1. Earth Mama Organic Diaper Balm
  2. Motherlove Diaper Balm
  3. Grandma El’s Diaper Rash Ointment
  4. Z-Bum Daily Moisturizing Diaper Rash Cream
  5. Dr. Brown’s Natural Baby Diaper Cream
  6. CJ’s BUTTer All Natural Shea Butter Balm
  7. Earth Mama Organic Diaper Balm

If you are someone who is all about organic products for your baby, you will love Earth Mama’s diaper balm. Earth Mama Organics (previously Earth Momma Angel Baby) is an Oregon-based brand specializing in creating the finest products for mothers and babies. This diaper balm isn’t like any other offering out there, and it has a 100% organic certification from the USDA.

The product only contains natural ingredients like olive oil, shea butter, and lavender oil; there are no parabens or artificial fragrances. Earth Mama’s Organic Diaper Balm is safe for cloth diapers as it does not contain petroleum or zinc. This means you do not have to worry about repelling or staining.

You can also rest easy knowing that the balm will help soothe your baby’s skin, keeping them nice and comfortable. The cream also aids the healing process. Thus, it comes in handy if your baby develops a diaper rash.

Earth Mama is very critical and only uses ethically sourced materials. You can have peace of mind knowing that you’re not contributing to exploitative manufacturing and production. This product doesn’t just work against rashes; you can use it for bug bites, scrapes, burns, and chickenpox. It comes in a 2 oz. jar, which might be a bit small for you.

If you are looking for a product that actually works, then Earth Mama is for you. This product works great on babies with sensitive skin. Also, it doesn’t have an overpowering smell, so you don’t have to worry if you have a sensitive nose. 


  • Pleasant smell
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile


  • Small packet
  • Pricey for size
  1. Motherlove Diaper Balm

If you’ve ever had to deal with yeast in your baby’s cloth diaper, you know that it can be pretty tedious. Yeast can live a long time in cloth diapers and make your baby uncomfortable, and this is why you should find any means possible to get rid of it. Don’t worry; Motherlove Diaper Balm is here for you. The brand makes all its products in the US and is based in Oregon.

Motherlove cares deeply about its customers, which is why it only uses natural, plant-based, and non-GMO ingredients. The product is USDA certified and is paraben and cruelty-free. Unfortunately, the balm only comes in a 1 oz container. Therefore, you might have to buy multiple containers or make frequent purchases. Still, if the product works well, a minor inconvenience isn’t that big of a deal. 

You won’t find zinc oxide or petroleum in this balm, meaning it works great with cloth diapers. You can also use it for bamboo and disposable diapers. The balm contains antibacterial and antifungal ingredients that help battle yeast. However, the quantity of these materials is still mild enough that they are gentle on your baby’s skin.

This product works great to restore the balance in your cloth diapers. It also helps to reduce the rashes on your baby’s skin and prevent future recurrences. You can rub it on your baby’s bottom, and it will completely smoothen out, leaving no sticky residue.


  • Works on various diaper types
  • Effective against yeast


  • Small container
  • Thin protective layer
  1. Grandma El’s Diaper Rash Ointment

Grandma El’s Diaper Rash Ointment is a high-quality product that helps to treat the most persistent of diaper rashes. It is made with both you and your baby in mind. The ointment is hypoallergenic, so the chances of an allergic reaction are slim. Also, it doesn’t have any preservatives, parabens, or phthalates. It has also been tested and recommended by pediatricians and dermatologists. However, it does have artificial fragrances.

Grandma El’s ointment comes from the United States; the laboratory they use is FDA-registered. The protective layer this ointment creates will shield your baby’s skin and help them feel comfortable.

It has a very light and pleasing odor; you’ve probably not smelt anything like it. You might be one of those people that like an odorless cream. Still, the fragrance might just win you over. You should also note that the ointment is a bit greasy, but that might not be a problem for you.

One great feature of this ointment is its versatility. Aside from using it on diaper rashes, you can also use it to treat heat rash, eczema, sunburns, minor burns, and so much more. If you have used many rash creams, ointments, and salves in the past and didn’t get the results you needed, then you should give this product a try. Every diaper change will remind you why this product is so great.


  • Fast-acting
  • Works on multiple skin issues


  • Artificial fragrance
  • Greasy texture
  1. Z-Bum Daily Moisturizing Diaper Rash Cream

Z-Bum is one of the lesser-known brands on this list. However, it still creates a fantastic product you can use on your baby every day. The company designed this diaper cream to prevent and combat diaper rash. This cream also works to protect, moisturize, and hydrate your baby’s skin, preventing irritation.

It has several moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E. However, it lacks any fragrance, which could be a deal-breaker, depending on your preference. All Z-Bum ingredients are natural and hypoallergenic. They are obtained from plants and are safe for kids. Many adults have used this product to treat eczema, dry skin, and other ailments.

Also, you’ll find that it doesn’t contain fragrances, parabens, artificial dyes, or toxins that irritate. The consistency of this cream is quite thick, smooth, and non-greasy. It has 22% zinc but is compatible with cloth diapers. This thick barrier also offers fast relief from other conditions such as dry skin, minor scrapes, eczema, and so much more.

After using this product for a short time, you should notice the redness on your baby’s skin starts to disappear. Unfortunately, this product is not cheap, and you would be spending more than the average amount. Regardless, it works splendidly by moisturizing your baby’s skin and reducing rash pain.

You’ll find that this product leaves your baby healthy, happy, and rash-free. It is gentle on your baby’s skin while still being as effective as any other diaper cream. The bottle is easy to use, and the cream doesn’t create a white film.

Ultimately, Z-Bum Diaper Cream is a fantastic product that you can use for diaper rash and healing in general. It is not the cheapest cream on the market, but you do get a great product in a large quantity. 


  • Easy to use bottle
  • Quick results


  • Expensive
  • No fragrance
  1. Dr. Brown’s Natural Baby Diaper Cream

Here’s yet another natural diaper cream that works great on cloth diapers. Dr. Brown’s Diaper Cream has been tested by dermatologists; it prevents and treats rashes. It is free of phthalates, sulfates, parabens, and petroleum jelly. Therefore, the chances of your baby developing allergic reactions are lower. Also, it is perfect for cloth diapers as it contains no petroleum jelly.

In this product, you’ll find seven plant-based ingredients, such as witch hazel, that work together to hydrate the skin. You’ll be happy to know that this diaper cream doesn’t have any artificial fragrances and is cruelty-free. The cream helps protect your baby’s skin and can be used daily with no issues.

However, it has a relatively thin consistency. As such, it may not be the best product to create a moisture barrier or treat severe rashes. It comes in a 3 oz. bottle, which is a bit small, seeing as you need to use it often. It does not leave any weird film on the diapers, and you don’t have to worry about any funny scents. However, if you prefer something fragrant, you might want to consider another option.

A bonus of this cream is the packaging. It is pretty tiny, soft, and stays shut no matter how hard you press the tube. So, you can give it to your baby to play with it without worrying about a mess.


  • Soothing and moisturizing
  • Cruelty-free


  • Thin consistency
  • Small packet
  1. CJ’s BUTTer All Natural Shea Butter Balm

Many call this balm a “miracle in a tub” and it’s not hard to see why. This product contains several natural ingredients, including shea butter, which help remedy over 30 ailments. It is specifically made for cloth diapers and provides your baby with deep healing and moisturizing relief. The balm is also pediatrician-recommended. It also does not contain any sulfates, parabens, phthalates, or gluten.

The CJ’s BUTTer Balm works wonders, and you can use it with overnight diapers without worrying that your baby will wake up with a rash. This product is unscented, so you can use it for your baby even if they have sensitive skin or dislike fragrances.

If your child happens to have a diaper rash, you should see the rash start to reduce almost immediately. However, it might not work on a yeast infection or a severe inflammation. In this case, opt for a product prescribed by a doctor.

As you open your balm and press the tub, a very thick and moisture-rich substance comes out. You should notice chunks of shea butter as well, but as soon as you rub your palms together, they melt, and you can use the balm usually. It has a nice texture when you rub it. However, it might feel a little greasy until it dries, which is worth the wait because all that moisture gets locked in.

You might receive a soft and melted product if you order this online, especially during the summer. This is because of the nature of the balm. Fortunately, all you have to do is put it in the fridge for a while, and everything should be right as rain.

It comes in screw-top tubs or squeeze tube packaging. If you have long nails and can’t scoop from the tub, you can always go for the tube; they both work the same. However, the tubs have a wider variety of scents than the tube. However, you can minimize how much balm you use with each diaper change with the tube. 

It absorbs quickly into the skin and provides healing and protection for your baby. It works so well that you can use it for yourself as well. Using this product, you might discover you do not need to use any other brand. It works great for both cloth and disposable diapers.


  • Multiple packaging
  • Various scents


  • Not effective against yeast infection
  • Initially greasy

Buying Guide – Important Factors to Consider Before Buying Cloth Diaper Cream

As parents and individuals, we all have different needs and wants. More often than not, we tend to look out for distinct features in the products we require. One thing that works for someone might not work for you. This same idea applies to diaper creams. This is why you need to know what works for your baby and what doesn’t. 

You do not want a cream that will adversely affect your baby and fails to meet your expectations. As such, you need some guidelines to lead you in the right direction when picking out a diaper cream for your cloth diaper.

Here are some key factors you should consider before purchasing an item. Keep in mind that this guideline applies to baby creams not on this list.

  • Purpose of Diaper Cream

Different rashes can occur on your baby’s bottom. It can be a typical rash that can cause soreness or redness. Alternatively, It can also be a yeast infection. Usually, an ointment works best for the soreness and redness of the rash. At the same time, an antifungal cream is great for yeast infections. However, this is not always the case. 

So, ensure you know the type of rash your baby has, and be sure to pick a diaper cream that can solve that issue. Also, the primary job of a diaper cream is to treat rashes. However, you can apply some on your baby as a protective measure. 

It is vital to figure out if you want to simply treat your baby’s rash or prevent more from coming up, then you can decide on the diaper cream to buy

  • Ingredients 

This is an essential factor to consider as we all have varying sensitivity levels to different ingredients. Some diaper creams work great on babies but could have elements that cause an allergic reaction. Alternatively, others have formulations with milder ingredients more suitable for sensitive skins.

Vitamin E, aloe vera, calendula, and jojoba oil are a few skin-friendly ingredients. So, you can look out for these if your baby has sensitive skin. Formulations containing mild natural ingredients with a soothing effect are suitable for sensitive skin and treating rashes. You can choose diaper creams that contain vitamin E, calendula, aloe vera, and jojoba oil for babies that can’t tolerate typical creams.

  • Compatibility

Diaper creams work perfectly on rashes; however, some creams are not compatible with cloth diapers. These creams usually contain zinc oxide and petroleum jelly. These ingredients cause “repelling” and can stain the cloth diaper.

  • Price

You should always consider the price of the diaper cream you want to buy. The most expensive diaper cream does not necessarily mean it is the most effective. You should look at how much you have to spend and find a cream that best fits your needs in that range.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Why is petroleum jelly bad for cloth diapers?

Petroleum jelly isn’t necessarily bad for all cloth diapers; it all depends on the material of the cloth diaper you use. Cloth diapers made from bamboo and hemp are compatible with petroleum jelly. You can wash it off using hot water. However, suppose you’re using cloth diapers made from synthetic materials. In that case, you might have a bit of a problem because it won’t wash off easily.

Petroleum jelly is a fantastic product because it creates a thick protective layer to seal in moisture. This is where the problem lies. Petroleum is so good at blocking moisture that even hot water doesn’t affect it all that much. Due to this, it is tough to wash it out of synthetic materials, and when it stays, it builds up in your baby’s diaper and starts to repel moisture (like urine). 

  1. Why is zinc oxide bad for cloth diapers?

Zinc oxide itself is incredible, and it’s a necessary ingredient in cream to help with diaper rash. In fact, we recommend you have a few disposable diapers lying around in case of an emergency where you need to use this type of cream on your baby.

Unfortunately, you cannot use it on cloth diapers unless you want many problems. The thing is, unlike petroleum, zinc does not build on your baby’s cloth diaper. Instead, it’s the oil inside that does the damage. The oils get absorbed by the fabric of the cloth diaper, which reduces its ability to absorb, causing it to repel moisture.

However, not everyone agrees with this logic. Many parents believe that zinc’s only sin is staining cloth diapers. Therefore, you might need to see for yourself and decide how well zinc works with the cloth diapers you use.

  1. What causes diaper rash?

For the most part, a diaper rash can occur because of an allergy or irritation. Your baby’s skin can get irritated if you leave their diaper on for too long, even when there is no poop to clean. Urine can change the pH levels on your baby’s skin, which leads to bacteria and fungi multiplying. Ironically, the substance that prevents your diaper from leaking also stops air circulation. This creates a warm and moist environment, perfect for these harmful organisms to grow and spread.

If your baby has sensitive skin, they can quickly develop rashes. Specific products like detergent and diapers, or even baby wipes can negatively affect your baby’s skin. Another cause, which is less likely to occur, is when you change your baby’s diet. It affects pooping frequency and consistency. 

  1. How do I treat diaper rash without a diaper cream?

Using a diaper cream is not the only way to treat diaper rash. There are several things you can do and multiple home ingredients you can use. To ensure your child’s safety, you should check the diaper often and change it whenever it is wet or soiled. Even when the wetting seems insignificant, make sure to change the diaper.

If you are up to the task, you can let your baby go for a while (a few hours) without a diaper. This will give the rash a chance to aerate and dry. You can also use mild natural remedies, like coconut oil, breast milk, white vinegar, corn starch, honey, tea tree oil, or oatmeal.

  1. How can I prevent diaper rash?

The first thing you should focus on is keeping your baby’s skin as clean as possible. Do well to change diapers as quickly as necessary. Also, try to soak your baby’s bottom in warm water each time you want to change their diaper. If that is too much work for you, you just rub the water on your baby’s bottom. 

When you want to dry your baby’s bottom, pat with a soft cloth to avoid irritating the skin. Most importantly, try to rub cream on your baby with every diaper change.

  1. How long does it take a diaper rash to go away?

There is no specific time for a rash to disappear. However, the usual case is two days to a week. Keep in mind that this period could be much longer. The more severe the rash, the more time it will take to heal fully. Therefore, it is prudent to try and deal with any rashes before the situation worsens. Remember, prevention is always better than a cure, and the next best choice is early treatment.

  1. Is diaper rash infectious, and can it spread?

The short answer is yes. However, it depends on the cause of the rash. If it is a fungal or bacterial infection, it can spread all over your baby’s body. In fact, it can even spread to you and others living with you. The best thing you can do is take care of your baby, treat the rash properly, and ensure you wash your hands afterward. Proper hygiene measures will prevent most issues, so try to be thorough and avoid carelessness.

  1. When should I call a doctor for the rash?

Diaper rashes are mostly normal, and you should be able to treat them at home. It should go away in a few days to a few weeks with the proper treatment. If all goes well, you should start to see progress after a couple of days.

However, if your baby’s rash does not improve after a few days or gets worse, you should call a doctor. A doctor will be able to diagnose your baby accurately and prescribe the appropriate treatment. If in doubt, always consult your doctor. The last thing you want is to put your precious baby at risk. 

Also, if you notice your baby has a fever with a rash, has sores, is in a lot of pain, or seems to be losing weight, then contact your doctor immediately.


Diaper creams are essential regardless of the type of diaper you use. The only issue is that not all diaper creams are compatible with specific diaper types. An example of this is cloth diapers. Due to the nature of the material, you need to be careful about what brand of diaper cream you use.

We understand that picking the right product for your baby is very important to you, which is why we took our time compiling this list. We made sure only to pick the best. With this article at your disposal, you should be able to decide on the best diaper cream for cloth diapers you can use for your baby. Hopefully, it shouldn’t be that hard.

Remember to pick a product that suits your baby’s skin, offers the proper treatment, and is within your budget.

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