The 9 Best All-In-One Cloth Diapers

Reusable diapers are an excellent option for modern parents. They’re less expensive, help reduce landfill waste, and are overall more sustainable. The all-in-one (AIO) cloth diapers stand out from other reusable options because of their ease of use. AIO diapers consist of just one piece. Therefore, you won’t go through the stress of juggling different parts when you want to change your baby’s diaper.

The single-piece AIO diaper consists of multiple layers working together. Its outer layer contains waterproof materials; this way, you won’t need plastic pants. The inner layer holds absorbent materials. You won’t have to fiddle around with complicated systems to get full use out of a diaper. Most AIO diapers can easily be fastened with velcro-like hook and loop tabs, while some come with sturdy plastic snaps.

What stands out is that an all-in-one diaper is as easy to use as its throwaway counterparts.

Those interested in AIO cloth diapers will find them a much better option than traditional diapers, both in terms of price and practicality. AIO cloth diapers are also known for their quality and long-term durability.

The market has many different types of AIO cloth diapers. However, not every option comes with everything they promise on the package. To get the best all-in-one cloth diapers in the market, you need some serious research, and that’s where we come in. Some factors that we consider are; durability, quality, and cost.

Based on our extensive inquiries, we came up with these top 8 products in the market.

Nora’s Nursery Cloth Diapers

The Nora’s Nursery diaper is a pocket diaper. It has a removable insert between the two materials. It fits all sizes, from a baby that weighs 10 lbs to a 33 lbs baby. The diaper is adjustable and comes with multiple fastening points. Therefore, a 3-week old baby can wear this nappy until they start using the potty.

This makes it an affordable choice compared to potentially buying thousands of disposable diapers within that period. Those savings really add up in the long term.

Reusable diapers from Nora Nursery are now easier to use and more comfortable than what our grandparents had. Some parents still don’t believe how efficient and fancy new-age cloth diapers are. They still picture big square cloths, plastic pants, and pins from decades ago.

Every order placed comes with additional informative materials like ebooks. The company also offers continuous customer support to make the diaper and disposal even more accessible.

Nora Nursery diapers are durable and will last for many years. The manufacturers place a lot of consideration on sourcing quality materials. With good care, you can even use the same diaper on another child. The diaper’s adjustable snaps let you match its size to fit your baby as they continue to grow.

What’s more, you help the environment by helping reduce waste production. Nora Nursery has been doing its part for the environment. The company has helped prevent over 6000 disposable diapers from filling up the landfills by providing a reusable alternative. This also cuts down on countless amounts of plastic and other chemicals from contaminating the environment. Nora Nursery should be your top pick if you’re interested in sustainability.

Finally, Nora Nursery diapers stand out because of their softness and gentleness on the baby’s skin. Diaper rashes are a thing of the past for all but those with sensitive skin. Therefore, you can probably skip the diaper cream.


  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent product resources and customer support
  • Variety of patterns and colors


  • Might cause skin rash for babies with sensitive skin

BumGenius Freetime™ All-In-One One-Size Cloth Diaper

bumGenius Freetime™ is a fantastic all-in-one diaper. The bumGenius all-in-one cloth diaper stands out for convenience as it can fit many different-sized babies. It has rows of snaps on the front and a super-adjustable waist. The diaper is a perfect match for babies from 8-35 lbs.

Another stand-out feature is the baby-friendly materials in the diaper. The bumGenius AIOs are perfectly trimmed compared to other AIO diapers, so your baby won’t be crawling or walking around with bulk on his bum. 

The diapers have an absorbent core and a very tender and sturdy dry inner layer for your baby’s sensitive skin. It has a unique removable insert that makes washing and cleaning easy and also helps you save time when drying. 

Each time you change your child’s nappy, it’s advisable to use a nappy liner — it makes cleaning even more accessible. You can choose to insert the super soft fleece every time your baby wears the diaper to help it last longer. 

bumGenius Freetime™ comes with fleece. It will repel baby pee and help keep your little one clean and fresh. Overall, using fleece with the BumGenius Freetime™ makes it easier to clean. 

Your baby is sure to feel comfortable while wearing these diapers. They are soft on the inside, and water repellent, and stretchy on the outside. The smile on your cutie’s face will be all the proof you need that these diapers are doing their job.

Another reason why you should go for this nappy is; it is biodegradable and eco-friendly, thanks to its natural laundry cleanser, which comes with the set. 

Finally, this diaper comes in different colors and designs; pick what you like. 


  • Somewhere between bulky and trim 
  • One-size diaper 
  • Easily washable
  • Very absorbent 
  • Free from leaks
  • Different colors 
  • No stuffing


  • Occasional poop spraying situation 

ALVABABY Cloth Diapers

This fantastic one-size reusable diaper gives parents excellent value for their money. It is affordable; a pack comes with six diapers and 12 inserts. While it may not be as durable as the other diapers on the list, it is still an excellent choice because its overall value outweighs any issues.

It is suitable for babies that weigh between 6 lbs to 33 lbs. This pocket diaper works better with an insert, which increases absorption. You can either use a double or an oversized insert. Its three-by-three snaps allow you to make fitting adjustments and overlap; the diaper becomes a perfect fit for newborns. 

Among the diapers on the list, ALVABABY’s one-size pocket nappy is the best when it comes to fitting, especially for tiny babies. Its features like the additional crossover and hip snaps make it unique; it also has three rise settings that improve adjustability. It fits babies till they are ready to use the potty. 

The ALVABABY pocket diaper is all-around efficient; it works well and serves its purpose. It has a large pocket opening for easy stuffing, and users will not experience leaks, especially when paired with absorbency. 


  • Affordable 
  • Allows single or double inserts
  • Three by three snaps provide a flexible fitting 


  • Not very durable 

Bambino Mio, Miosolo All-In-One Cloth Diaper

If you’re a fan of vibrant colors and cute designs, the Miosolo all-in-one cloth diapers might be a perfect choice. Bambino Mio’s award-winning miosolo is a simple, stylish, and super soft all-in-one cloth diaper. 

This diaper comes in one size; you can adjust it to fit your baby as they grow.

It has a pull-out tab system. Removing the core from its inside is really easy. Therefore, washing and drying take very little time. Furthermore, the tuck-in pocket makes it easy for parents to stuff. It allows them to use booster pads for maximum absorbency.

You can use the diaper till your baby starts potty training. The design mimics disposable diapers and has a separate core with utility features like; tuck-in pocket for smooth and easy pull-out tabs for tidier poop disposal.

It comes in six together with some starter accessories — 3.5 oz of natural laundry treatment and 50 diaper liners. 


  • Stylish and super soft
  • Super absorbent core 
  • Water-resistant outer fabric 


  • May leak for heavy wetters
  • Can be bulky for some

Mother-ease All-In-One Cloth Diapers

Just as the name implies, this all-in-one water-resistant diaper is designed with comfort in mind. The diaper is made with unique fabrics to keep it breathable yet leak-proof. Mother-ease is a stretchy fit; this makes it a perfect one-piece diaper for parents looking for convenience. It comes in three sizes; 10-20 lbs, 20-35 lbs, and 35-45 lbs. 

This diaper is manufactured in Canada from cotton-polyester terry. They come in four fabrics: organic cotton terry, cotton terry, stay dry, and bamboo terry. The diapers also come in different solid colors like unbleached, white, and six others. You’re sure to find something you like.

Mother-ease AIO diapers have four snaps on the inside and six snaps on the inside-outside. When you fold the rise over, the inside snaps are brought to the outside. The nappy has wings snaps for smaller babies, with two snaps each. There are also crossover snaps for even smaller babies.

Furthermore, the diapers come with an extra layer of fabric sandwiched around the middle of the diaper. You can also add liners inserts for more absorbency. Since these snaps are on the outside when your rise is folded down, you will only be able to use the snap-in inserts when your baby has grown a bit and there’s no longer a need for a lower rise. 


  • Reduced leakage keeps baby comfortable
  • Easy to fix
  • Easy to wash 
  • Fits babies of all sizes


  • Damage to one part will likely render it useless 

 Kanga Care Rumparooz One Size Reusable Cloth Diaper

This diaper is specifically known for its waterproof exteriors and absorbent inserts. It allows parents to adjust the insert position, size, and layering for the different absorbency levels; this gives your child the perfect level of protection. 

Each diaper has two “soaker” inserts; parents can adjust these into six different positions depending on gender, needs, and the baby’s age. Each leg has inner gussets to prevent leaks and mess from escaping through the leg area. 

The diaper cover can be adjusted to match your growing baby’s needs. It has three adjustable size options that will suit your preemie and newborn through the early months.

The covers can go over any diapering system that requires waterproofing, including fitted diapers, pre-folds, and flats. They may be wiped dry between uses and used numerous times before being washed at the end of the day or when they get dirty. 

The diapers also come in many bright colors and trendy designs.


  • Offers different levels of protection 
  • Four size settings 
  • Various designs and colors 


  • Not a great option for big babies 

Bumkins All-In-One Cloth Diapers

This is another good choice; the Bumkins cloth all-in-one diaper comes in different beautiful designs and bright colors. Some of its unique designs are the One Fish, Two Fish theme, the Dr. Seuss design, and the Horton Hear a Who theme; these designs are some of the most sought-after.

Apart from the attractive designs, the materials are also of good quality. The diaper is made from soft super-absorbent inner layers and a waterproof outer layer. In addition, it also has an airflow section that makes the diaper dry faster.

It has a fold-back laundry tab that prevents damage to the velcro at the waist. Overall it is straightforward to use and comes in four different sizes, 6-12 lbs, 12-22 lbs, 22-32 lbs, and 32-42 lbs.


  • Special fold-out panel help with quick-drying
  • Front snaps allow size adjustment 
  • Durable and comfortables
  • Soft waterproof PUL exterior
  • TPU with odor and stains
  • Machine washable


  • Takes some getting used to

Kushies Ultra-Lite All-In-One Cloth Diaper

Two factors that make for a good all-in-one diaper are the trim level and affordability; this diaper ticks both boxes. However, what makes the Kushies Ultra-Lite AIO’s stand out is that it allows parents to place the most absorbency towards the back for girls, and front for boys. Kushies Ultra-Lite AIO comes in different baby sizes, the 10-22 lbs and 22-45 lbs. 

The Kushies Ultra-Lite is a good choice for new parents looking to switch from disposable to cloth diapers. It comes as a pack that contains everything you need to get started. Its package includes two washable diaper liners, two ultra-lite diapers, two washcloths, and ten biodegradable liners. 

The Kushies Ultra-lite all-in-one can easily be washed and is a breeze to use. It is also environmentally friendly. The nappy is designed with five different layers of 100% soft cotton. It has a distinct inner soaker layer, and a slim waterproof wrap on the outside. 

You can close the nappy with a loop and hook and easily extend and adjust the tab. The liners are easily washable and also provide extra absorbency at night. This is especially good for babies who wet frequently. The disposable liners make things convenient; just flush the soiled liner down the toilet. This diaper uses washcloths rather than wipes. 

Overall, the Kushies Ultra-lite all-in-one is great for babies, the environment, and the pocket. 


  • Machine wash and dry
  • Foolproof design
  • Very affordable 
  • Available in different sizes 


  • Vulnerable at the velcro points

What to Consider When Buying All-In-One Cloth Diapers

There are many options on the market, making it tricky to figure out the best choice. You want something efficient yet affordable while also catering to your baby’s needs. Here are some things you should consider before you buy. 

Buy In a Bit

The very best diaper in the market may not be compatible with your baby, not because they are not good, but because they don’t fit your baby. Humans are unique, so test them out before stocking up. It’s just like buying a shoe; a so-called comfy shoe can end up pinching your toes. 

Focus on Comfort Specification

Don’t be distracted by aesthetics; comfort matters greatly. So, focusing on diapers with stretchy sides and the contoured fit is essential. Also, to prevent leaks, ensure that the nappy has double elastic sealing around the legs and waist area. 

Consider Your Baby’s Skin Type

Babies with sensitive skin may react to certain types of diapers. While it is suitable for diapers to contain add-ins like petroleum-based lotion and light fragrance, they may irritate sensitive skin. 

If your baby has sensitive skin or you are concerned about the effects of these add-ins, buy “fragrance-free,” “hypoallergenic,” and “dye-free” diapers instead.

Watch Out for Bells and Whistles

Features like wetness indicators can be a godsend to new parents. Experienced parents might not need this feature, but if you do, make sure that the diaper you choose has one. 

Consider Cost

You may end up finding a great diaper, but it may be above your budget. As is the case with such a situation, don’t buy what you cannot afford. If you find what you want is above your budget, try going for something less expensive with similar features. 

Materials & Ingredients

Make sure that the diaper you pick is made with materials favorable to your baby’s skin. Otherwise, you risk a skin reaction. 

If you see redness or other signs of discomfort in your infant, you might want to test cloth diapers to see if the materials can help. Cloth diapers may lead to irritation when not changed frequently enough. Some cloth diapers may not be as absorbent as their disposable counterparts.


How many reusable diapers do I need?

There is no fixed amount, but you need about 20 diapers for full-time use, which means you can wash only one in 3 days. Remember that you don’t need to buy all 20 at once; start with a small amount and increase the number gradually.

Where do I store used diapers?

You can store your diapers in covered containers; a nappy bucket and mesh laundry bags are great options. Nappy buckets with lids help contain the smell at least till wash day. 

Is using reusable diapers hard work? 

You’ll need to put in more effort compared to disposable diapers. However, modern disposable diapers are more accessible than older ones. All you need is a weekly wash, and if you have a washing machine, the job is much easier. 

Do I need to change a reusable diaper more?

The answer is no. The changing rate of reusable diapers is precisely the same as the disposable counterpart. Some people even claim that they change their reusable diapers less than disposable ones. This may be true because reusable diapers are more absorbent; they can still stay on the baby even after peeing. However, individual products may vary in performance. 

Do I need to use liners for reusable diapers?

Liners are not compulsory for AIO diapers. However, not all reusable diapers come with great absorbency on their own. In any case, you’ll find life much easier if you use a liner, especially when dealing with poop. 


Buying a pack of cloth diapers is a great option because it is affordable and great for the environment. While disposable diapers are very easy to use, reusable diapers need a little effort from your end from time to time. 

Before you settle for a particular diaper, ensure that you try others so you can know the one that fits your baby perfectly. While good-looking diapers can look more attractive, efficiency should be your priority.

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