Alva Baby Cloth Diaper Review

Alva Baby Cloth Diaper Review

Alva Baby Cloth Diaper Review

Are you seeking inexpensive cloth diapers with cute designs and colors? Then you have come to the right place! Here we have found the best online cloth diaper brand for you! Alva Baby sells a wide range of cloth diapers and other products at affordable prices. 

Many cloth diapers are available in the market, but our top recommendation is Alva Baby cloth diapers. Cloth diapers are popular among families that want to save money. While practically any type of cloth diaper can save you money in the long term, they can be an expensive purchase upfront. Many families are concerned about spending all of their savings all at once.

Cheap diapers are a popular alternative for families looking for the most cost-effective cloth diapering option. Alva Baby cloth diapers are one of the most tried and genuine “cheapie” brands. 

Let us start our Alva Baby cloth diapers review!


The Alva Baby cloth diaper is a pocket diaper that suits newborns from or 6 lbs to 30 lbs (or 3 kg to 15 kg) . A polyester soaker is inside the diaper, and a waterproof PUL is outside. This cloth diaper includes two layers of snaps around the waist, including additional crossover snaps for an extra tiny fit around the waist. Also, it has three torso points that allow the diaper to grow with the kid from small to medium to big. One microfiber insert is also in the package. 

Here are some basic features that the Alva Baby cloth diaper offers:

  • Fitting

Many parents fell in love with Alva because of its snug fit, especially for newborns. Do not let it sit in your drawer for too long; use it as soon as possible. The settings allow you to make the diaper as small as possible, making it perfect for newborns. You can adjust it as the baby grows. With it, you no longer have to worry if the diaper is too tight or loose. Additionally, you do not have to worry about allergies, infection, or rashes; as long as you properly use the diaper.

Alva Baby cloth diapers have a hook and loop closure (velcro or aplix). They are all one-size-fits-all, with snaps at the waist and rise. Alva Baby’s cloth diaper also contains a hip closure. Do not be intimidated by the snaps; you will get used to them over time. Also, you will find that snaps are easy to use and provide a lot of personalized fits.

You can adjust the rising snaps. Moreover, you can adjust them until your child is a little bigger. The diapers will stay on even if one or more snaps are unsnapped or loose. 

There are poppers on the hips and crossover poppers to acquire an excellent fit around the waist. Your baby can easily fit into these nappies since it offers various size settings. The wings fold inwards; depending on your little one’s waist, you can overlap them or snap them to the side. If there is a need for a diaper change, you may also swiftly unsnap the diapers.

  • Inserts

Alva Baby are pocket diapers. It means that it comes with an insert that you place inside the “pocket.”

Microfiber, bamboo, or a microfiber and bamboo combination are the three insert options available from Alva. Furthermore, they are incredibly absorbent. The most common insert is microfiber, and they are the default insert for most pocket diapers. Like most parents looking into cloth diapers, you will appreciate the bamboo inserts since they offer the best absorbency. 

  • Absorbency

If your child is a heavy wetter, we might recommend stuffing the pocket and then doubling over a liner in the “wet zone.” Place it inside the diaper, and it will be the one touching your baby’s skin. This combination will never leak unless you keep the diaper on for an extended period. You will feel highly confident taking your baby out with their diaper like this.

The inserts are soft. However, they will feel a touch coarser if you do not use a diaper-safe fabric softener in the wash. Overall, the inserts are satisfactory when it comes to absorbency.

  • Outer Material

Alva diapers have a PUL or Minky pocket or outer layer. The pocket cover’s interior lining is either suede or fleece. Besides, these do not make a difference with the diaper’s performance. The Minky diapers are favorites since they are both adorable and comfy; they are “fluffy” compared to PUL. Also, they are waterproof because they have PUL lining on the insides. Minky diapers appear to be cut smaller and have less “stretch” than PUL diapers.

  • Poop Trapping Capacity

When it comes to holding in excrement, Alva Baby diapers excel. They can hold poop in and withstand the greatest blow-outs your baby is likely to give them.

Babies have runny poop, especially before they start eating solid food. In that case, the poops that wind up in the diaper are always blow-outs that go from end to end. Moreover, do not fret; these diapers make an excellent job at keeping them contained.

Later on, you can clean both the insert and the pocket with a diaper sprayer.

  • Designs and Colors

Alva Baby’s diaper collection has many lovely prints to choose from! If you browse the site, you will notice many different “series” from which to choose. You can choose from animal prints, floral designs to nautical patterns, and more.

They have a mixture of Minky and PUL shells. Also, they have a few solids, and the colors are bold and attractive. As previously said, the Minky patterns are a favorite by many, even though they appear to run a bit smaller. 

  • Quality and Durability

You have probably seen all the stories warning people not to buy “China cheapies” or heard something similar.

These diapers are going to last a long time. You can prewash them after removing the poop and stripping the pee. Then, you can wash all of them at once two to three times a week. Not all diapers can withstand a drier, so always check the washing instructions. 

Inserts have minimal discoloration, and the pocket itself leaves no staining. The snaps and lamination remain in terrific shape, and there has been no delamination despite drying on the “high” setting. There has been no fade, and these may appear to be the same as the day you received them.

Besides being cheap, Alva Baby cloth diapers are easy to care for and wash. The coverings, as well as the inserts, dry rapidly. You can air-dry the covers; however, the inserts can be tumble-dried. People usually wash Alva Baby cloth diapers at 104°F to 140°F (or 40°C to 60°C) and let them air dry.

  • Pricing

The prices on Alva diapers are unbeatable. The pricing is the most attractive point of the Alva diapers, followed by their wide range of designs. It allows customers to purchase diapers for their children without paying a fortune. They are the best brand for those starting to build a cloth diaper stash.

Alva diapers cost about $6 each. Each set comes with a microfiber insert. It costs more than $8 per diaper if you want bamboo or mix inserts. It is still considered cheaper than the $20 price tag on many “name brand” cloth diapers. You can get them for roughly $5 per diaper if you buy in quantity through a co-op. 


There are a lot of strong opinions regarding “cheapies,” depending on who you ask. Some people stock up on low-cost items and believe that those who choose higher-priced brands are squandering their money.

Cloth diapers are eco-friendly and are way better than disposable diapers. They will last a long time as long as you properly clean them after each use. You can rotate your diapers so that the garters stay intact and will not loosen over time. That is the reason why many parents have more than 20 or more cloth diapers. 

Alva Baby has gained popularity for its excellent quality diapers in the range of the masses and is readily available in the market. Moreover, they have excellent quality, fit well, do not leak, keep in poop, and are pretty attractive! We hope our Alva Baby cloth diaper review has answered your questions about cloth diapers.

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